Inshore charter Fishing

Are you wanting to get out on the water for inshore fishing? The Pensacola Fishing Co. provides inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing in and around the Pensacola area. Learn how to troll for fish as you explore new fishing holes or take a dolphin tour along the Florida coastline. Offering 4-hour to 8-hour trips, this charter will take you everywhere it can for the best fishing available.

Whether you’re a fly fisher, a boat fisher, or a new fisher, inshore fishing can accommodate and find you that one perfect catch. Fishing in the bay among the islands and beaches or out on the open sea makes no difference. Finding good shallow and deep saltwater fishing spots is half the adventure when searching for inshore fishing charters in Pensacola.

4 Hours – $600

6 Hours – $800

All prices are for up to 3 people. Add $100 per person, up to 6.

Pensacola Fishing Co.
The Pensacola Fishing Co. is a fishing charter experience that offers inshore and nearshore fishing. Inshore fishing charters of the Pensacola area take you up and down shallow waters in search of the best fishing spot. Once found, you can spend hours catching all shapes and sizes of fish, enjoying the sport and strategy that comes from angling.  

Chartered fishing allows for an easy, vacation-like fishing expedition. You’re completely taken care of as you boat around the Pensacola Bay area. Out on the open water, you are free from traffic and crowds. The opportunities to enjoy yourself are endless.

The Pensacola Bay
The Pensacola Beach inshore fishing charters in Pensacola offer a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Pensacola Bay and the effortlessness of a flawless fishing venture. The bay itself is enclosed with islands and crossed by two bridges. From Pensacola Beach up to the Santa Rosa Sound, this trip offers a wide assortment of fishing spots with plenty of chances to bait the perfect catch.

There are abundant numbers of fish in this area as recorded by the fishing reports of Pensacola inshore including, Black Drum, Bluefish, Black and Red Grouper, Pompano, Redfish, Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Seatrout, and Triggerfish.

Inshore- $600 (4 hours)
Our inshore fishing trip explores the waters of Santa Rosa Sound and Pensacola Bay. With beaches galore and plenty of water, you can relax in a beautiful environment filled with wildlife. Because of the surrounding islands, inshore fishing waters are calmer and more peaceful than being out on the open sea. This gentler surrounding gives even the most inexperienced angler the ability to catch a fish of their own.

Calm waters help to combat sea-sickness. If you are affected by nausea, inshore fishing is a safer and more pleasant experience than attempting an offshore trip.  

Inshore fishing at Pensacola Beach is a scenic and restful way to spend your day. There is nothing quite like inshore fishing in this sheltered spot with the picturesque Pensacola Bay Bridge and the bluest of bays.

Available from early May through to fall.

The 253CC Hybrid Boat
Our 253CC Bay/Offshore Boat provides safety and comfort for everyone in your party. With seating in both the bow and the stern, the 253CC is the perfect boat for fishing and bay exploration. The aft casting deck is the perfect place to rest while you cast your line. The 69-gallon insulated fish box ensures everything you catch will be kept fresh even if you have the best catching streak of your life.

Able to convey any passengers safely through inshore or offshore waters, the 253CC is a versatile and functional machine. On the boat are coolers, multiple lockable rod racks, and dry storage, all included for immediate preparedness.

The 253CC can host up to three anglers for inshore fishing. Any additional party members will require a second boat.

Price Inclusions
Everything you need to catch your fish is included in the price for a worry-free expedition: tackle, license, bait, ice, fish cleaning, and bagging. Even if you’re a beginner angler, your trip is more than covered.

Prices are standard for each trip and not based on the number of anglers. For parties of more than three, the price will increase by $75 per additional person.

Currently, when you book a fishing trip, you receive $50 off any dolphin tour or beach trolling trip. Look for dolphins along the coastline while you learn the intricacies of beach trolling and the techniques it uses. Beach trolling is a fishing technique to locate fish while you investigate potential new fishing locales.

Whether you prefer long hours on the water or have never touched a fishing rod before, our inshore fishing charter will meet all your vacationing needs. Our four-hour inshore ventures around Pensacola Bay offer the perfect relaxing experience with sheltered waters. The near- or offshore venture allows even more freedom from the day-to-day grind in the Pensacola Pass and the Gulf of Mexico.

Wildlife sightings are a guarantee. Whatever your fishing dreams, the Pensacola Fishing Co., will make them a reality. An abundance of fish, beautiful environments, and a guided outing will find your inshore fishing charters in Pensacola trip complete.

Inshore Fishing Charters

Pensacola, Florida is home to a diverse inshore fishery that holds huge redfish, sea trout, flounder, tripletail, spanish mackerel, and a plethora of other popular shallow water species.

Offshore Fishing Charters

Offshore fishing out of Pensacola can bring you wreck fishing for grouper and snapper, battling huge kingfish, and some of the best seasonal red snapper fishing on the planet.

Shark Fishing Charters

If you are on the hunt to land a hard fighting and toothy critter, Pensacola is home to several species of sharks. These are 3-hour afternoon trips that are sure to get you on this king of the sea.