Dolphin Tours

Hear the word dolphin, and a picture of an intelligent and friendly creature pops up in mind. That’s how dolphins are known to humans, and there’s no limit to the excitement when you see one.

The Gulf Coast is the dwelling place for some beautiful dolphin species such as the spinner dolphin, Atlantic spotted, and bottlenose dolphin. Fortunately, there are some fantastic dolphin tours around  Pensacola Bay and Pensacola Beach.

2 Hours – $400

Accommodates up to 6 guests. All ages welcome!

Pensacola, A Dolphin Hotspot
Pensacola dolphin tours offer a glance at these dynamic species in their natural habitat. Florida holds a reputation as one of the best tourist destinations, and a trip to Florida is incomplete unless you’ve witnessed smooth sailing beach waves and playful aquatic surprises. Dolphin tours near Pensacola, FL, operate all year long, so visitors are welcome anytime.

At Pensacola Fishing Co., we’re good people with a fun spirit, and we’re passionate about making your trip a lasting memory. We’ll take you onboard the 25ft Everglades 253CC sporting a powerful Yamaha engine with 300 hp. We run dolphin tours, Pensacola beachside with a simple ideology. We deliver as promised.

We’re different from most dolphin boat tours Pensacola offers. Our rates are affordable, our captain well-trained, and we’ll head out when dolphins are most active, mainly during the afternoon. With no crowds around, spoil yourself and have a blast

Your Ride
The charter boat is spacious enough to fit six passengers and has a T-top for some shade. We can arrange a bigger boat for a larger group of people. There will be life jackets for everyone on the boat. For safety measures, we have the required United States Coast Guard safety equipment on board. Our dolphin tours at Pensacola, FL, focus on safety as well as fun.

Supplies and Apparel
The captain will arrange licenses, tackles, bait, fishing equipment, ice, and a 45qt cooler for drinks. Each trip lasts between four to six hours. You can even bring your desired food, drinks, and snacks. Also, it’s a good idea to carry a camera for photos.

As for attire, dress up in layers according to the weather, along with non-marking shoes or flip-flops. Bring a hat and polarized sunglasses. If you wish to use spray-on sunscreen, apply before boarding as it wets the boat surface and may cause slipping. It is compulsory for kids under six years of age to wear a life jacket during the trip.

The Tour
We’ll set sail from Pensacola Bay, floating on crystal clear waters, and head towards Navarre Sound. Although dolphins are the highlight of the tour, you can also enjoy putting on some great music, potentially seeing the blue angels fly over, and just relaxing and taking in the sites. 

Packages start at $400 for two hours with guaranteed fun time for the entire group.
There’s an abundance of dolphin tours, Pensacola, FL is home to, and Pensacola Fishing Co.  is an honest initiative where we take pride in our work. We strive to serve our guests with the best of our offerings while maintaining precautionary measures. We value sentiments and make sure you go home happy and smiling.

Inshore Fishing Charters

Pensacola, Florida is home to a diverse inshore fishery that holds huge redfish, sea trout, flounder, tripletail, spanish mackerel, and a plethora of other popular shallow water species.

Offshore Fishing Charters

Offshore fishing out of Pensacola can bring you wreck fishing for grouper and snapper, battling huge kingfish, and some of the best seasonal red snapper fishing on the planet.

Shark Fishing Charters

If you are on the hunt to land a hard fighting and toothy critter, Pensacola is home to several species of sharks. These are 3-hour afternoon trips that are sure to get you on this king of the sea.